It was one of those ”get over here and take a selfie with me I found amazing lighting” kinda moments haha.  Never expect us not to snap a pic in some good ass lighting.

Now for a more serious and emotional thought… Sara and I have always been very close as sisters. It wasn’t until we started the Montazami Brand that we created a new relationship with each other, as business partners.  We agree on a lot of things but we are completely different in the way that we handle our professional lives. We’ve definitely butt heads this year working so closely together (and maybe because we’re full-on roomies in our own apartment now). Tears have been shed and there’s been some arguments, but to be honest it would be weird if that wasn’t happening.  Shit happens, it’s normal. 

One way we settle out our frustrations are through meetings, where we put everything out on the table and try to come up with a solution to fix it. It’s hard sometimes, but always worth it afterwards. 

These conversations not only teach us how to work better alongside one another but to strengthen our relationship as business partners, roommates, and most importantly, sisters. Family is everything, and I’m so grateful for what I have!         



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